Credence 1000 Tablets

Credence 1000 Tablets are an excellent water sanitiser and disinfectant very cost effective and safe for humans and animals. Water is the number one nutrient for all animals and having clean, safe water is essential to production, performance and health. So easy and safe to use and is MPI approved. (Credence is used by the World Health Organisation – WHO).

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Credence 1000 Tablets

Credence – controlling water quality and farm biosecurity

Water: the forgotten source of bacteria and pathogens on your farm. Bore holes and roof water collection are a major issue.

Stock water:  No 1 nutrient for all animals and a major source of pathogenic organisms including protozoa, viruses and toxic blue-green algae amongst the 45 common pathogenic bacteria Credence is effective against.

House feed water tanks: these are typically contaminated with salmonella, Coliforms (E.Coli), Enterococci, Aeromonas, Cryptosporidia, Giardia and Legionella.  Remember Havelock North water contamination?

1 Bottle = 60 tablets

25 Pack = 25 tablets

Trial pack = 5 tablets

Credence is a water-soluble effervescent tablet containing the active ingredient sodium troclosene (NaDCC). When dissolved in water a powerful disinfectant solution is formed by the release of free available chlorine.

Credence is proven to be effective against the following water-borne pathogens, which manifest themselves in slow growth, poor performance, sickness and death:
• Salmonella sp.  • Escherichia coli  • Campylobacter jejuni  • Shigella sonnei  • Yersinia enterocolitica
• Faecal coliforms  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa  • Clostridium sp.  • Giardia lambia cysts
• Aspergillus sp.  • Cladosporium sp.  • Avian Influenza Virus

Major benefits

  • Practical and easy to handle.
  • Safe to use and transport.
  • Easy to evaluate in-use dosages.
  • Wide-spectrum and validated to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores and fungi.
  • For use in all livestock production systems, stables, kennels, markets, holding pens and veterinary clinics.
  • Lowers the pH of drinking water ensuring compatibility with feed acidifiers and gut conditioners such as Salkil, Bact-a-cid and Prefect.

Credence and viral control – such as Covid-19

See Credence in action in this short video

Credence in milking shed video

Credence Water Quality Research Presentation 




5 TabPack, 25 Tab Pack, 60 Tab Bottle


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