Q-Drench Oral Sheep Drench with 4 Actives 10 litre drum



Q-drench fights resistant parasites using the combined effects of the 4 different actives. Each active in Q-drench “adds up” to deliver a result with a higher efficacy compared to that achieved if the single actives were administered individually. This is known as the additive effect.


  • Effective against susceptible gastrointestinal roundworms (Including Haemonchus contortus strains with single or dual resistance to macrocyclic lactones, benzimidazoles, levamisole or closantel, and strains of Haemonchus contortus with emerging resistance to closantel
  • Effective against lung worm and tapeworms
  • Effective against mature and late immature (from 6 week stage) liver fluke
  • Effective against nasal bot and itch mite.
  • Helps delay the development of parasite resistance to existing drenches.
  • Q-drench is the ideal choice for strategic treatments such as weaning, pre-lambing, quarantine, primer and exit drenches which rely on the highest possible efficacy to achieve their aims.


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