Coxiprol Solution 1 Litre

Coxiprol Solution 1 Litre

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Coxiprol Solution 1 Litre

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Coxiprol is an effective treatment against the major strains of Coccidiosis that can infect poultry. A must have for Chicken Keepers or Breeders First Aid Cabinet.

How do you know if Cocci is present?
Are your chooks lifeless, sleepy, have runny droppings, off their food? Not drinking and possibly blood in their droppings? Chicks all fluffed up?
Chances are this is Coccidiosis and without prompt and proper treatment, chances are your beloved chooks could die.
Adult Chickens can also suffer with Coccidiosis during stressful times, moult and generally when their immunity is down.
Coccidiosis is a parasite that lives in the soil that can affect all poultry, particularly juvenile chicks. Immature poultry hasn’t usually built an immunity until adulthood so if affected, Cocci can be fatal.

Coxiprol is treated in your chickens drinking water.
For a period of 5 to 7 days at a rate of 20 mls per 10 litres of drinking water. A follow up treatment is recommended at approx. 1/2 this dosage for a further 5 to 10 days.

Note: Stockmans Friend, Natural Animal Health Elixir (AHE) makes a great addition to your First Aid Kit for your chooks, a great way to give their immunity a boost to avoid illnesses.


230mls, 1 Litre


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