Smite Professional 1 Litre Concentrate

Smite Professional 1 Litre Concentrate


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Smite Professional 1 Litre Concentrate

An extremely powerful, low odour, disinfectant cleaner and degreaser which has proved itself to be an effective eliminator of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

Removes build-ups of organic matter – the habitat where red mite and other parasites thrive, efficiently dissolving the pests waxy coatings and deposits.

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.
  • Pleasant odour.
  • Easy to use dosing pump
  • Incredibly economical – only 3-6% dilution required (1lt. makes up to 34 lt. of treatment)
  • Super efficient degreasant and cleaner – ideal for removing organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive
  • Suitable for all animal housing, not just chooks!
  • One product does it all – Smite! Clean and disinfect – save time and money!
  • Clear, easy to follow instructions are included on each pack


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