Cyguard Spray-On

Cyguard Easy To Use Spray-On Sheep Dip

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Cyguard Spray-On

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A ready-to-use spray-on sheep dip containing cyromazine for the preventative control of blowfly strike on sheep and lambs. CYGUARD™ SPRAY-ON is an ideal product to use on lambs at docking/tailing or other stock where ease of use is important and only short to medium term protection is required. CYGUARD™ SPRAY-ON is an easy to use spray-on, which will give up to 6 weeks residual protection against flystrike caused by all the commonly found strike flies including the Australian blowfly (Lucilia cuprina)


  • Insect growth regulator
  • Protects against all the commonly found strike flies
  • Can be used on all breeds of sheep
  • Ideal for lambs at docking
  • Controls organophosphate resistant strains
  • No known resistance
  • Red indicator dye (temporary)
  • Easy to apply



5 litre, 10 Litre


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