Auto Fill nylon 9 litre Water Bowl

Auto Fill nylon 9 litre Water Bowl


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Auto Fill nylon 9 litre Water Bowl

Very sturdy 9 Litre Nylon Plastic (UV Stable) Auto Fill Water Trough – suitable for full sized chooks (not chicks) and perfect for dogs, calves, goats etc etc – You name it…

Comes complete with float valve, stainless steel float cover cover Plus drain bung in base for easy cleaning.

Easily connected to a standard nylex style water coupling and will suit all pressures – perfectly suitable for mains and low pressure water supply systems.

Inlet is 15mm – can be plumbed left hand side only.¬†(1/2″ BSP Female connection required)

Dimensions 400mm L x 330 mm W x 190 mm D

Replacement float valve assembly available.


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