McMillan Rapid Gain 25 kg

McMillan Rapid Gain For Horses


McMillan Rapid Gain 25 kg

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McMillan Rapid Gain is a highly digestible feed formulated for horses requiring muscle development and improved body condition

Contains steam flaked grains for optimum digestibility and high-quality protein sources that contain the ideal ratio of essential amino acids. The inclusion of organic yeast culture helps maximise digestibility and ensures a healthy digestive system. Contains Zinpro organic minerals and natural vitamin E.


Features & Benefits

  • Quality protein to assist with muscle development and maintenance
  • Highly digestible cold-pressed canola oil for optimum conditioning
  • Zinpro organic trace minerals including zinc, copper, manganese, and chromium
  • Organic selenium and natural vitamin E for superior antioxidant protection.


Feeding guide


Rapid Gain has been formulated to complement New Zealand forages and provide the correct balance of all essential nutrients when fed at the following levels daily:


Body Weight 400kg 500kg 600kg
Spelling 1-3kg 2-4kg 3-5kg
Light Work 2-3kg 3-4kg 4-5kg
Moderate Work 3-4kg 4-5kg 5-6kg


Ingredients selected from


Steam-Flaked Barley, Steam-Flaked Maize, Steam-Flaked Peas, Beet Pulp Shreds, Flaxseed Flake, Sunflower Seeds, Full Fat Soybean Meal, Full Fat Canola Meal, Cold-Pressed Canola Oil, Molasses, McMillan Balancer Pellets, Salt, Organic Yeast Culture, KER Vitamin and Mineral Pre-mix containing Zinpro organic minerals, Natural Vitamin E.


Important information


Always provide access to adequate forage such as pasture, hay, and chaff to ensure optimum digestive physiology. At least 1.5% of the horse’s body weight in forage should be provided daily. Ensure no more than 2.5kg concentrate per 500kg body weight is fed per meal. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.



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